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Our Educational Philosophy…

The foundation and educational principles we implement in our training and certification programs are formed from our background in both higher education and industry. Our expertise stems from the intersection of university developed academic techniques and industry-leading knowledge. We focus on providing students with multiple modes of learning which are intentionally designed to maximize information retention while allowing students to freely interact with new concepts. We pride ourselves in providing a holistic and well-rounded training program of lecture, discussion, and hands-on simulation, which provides students with both the theoretical and methodological background needed to successfully operate locate/inspection technology and interpret results.

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Featured Live Workshops

3-Day GPR Bootcamp for Utility Locating (Nulca Accredited)

This is our most comprehensive training seminar to date. For those that are looking to become true experts in the field of GPR, you will examine the theory and concepts behind GPR technology, review best practices, conduct system calibrations and simulate locates with hands-on modules, process gpr data with powerful software, and learn how to produce professional grade deliverables.

(Coming Soon) 1-Day Introduction to GPR

This is a 1-day introductory course that explores the basics of GPR technology, GPR waves and how they perform in various project conditions, benefits and drawbacks of GPR, best practices for set up, common uses of GPR (such as concrete inspection, pipe/utility locating, and site characterization) , case studies, and basic data interpretations.

(Coming Soon) 2-Day Locator Competency Training (Nulca Accredited)

We partner with the best trainers in the industry to provide certification for line locators and damage prevention professionals. This 2-day course reviews Nulca/CGA/PHMSA standards, theory of locating, basic terminology, use of transmitters and receivers, and field applications. Through a combination of classroom based lectures, discussions, and hands on practice, our students gain competence and confidence while locating pipes and utilities in real-time.


Don’t see what you’re looking for? Go ahead and ask.

Which equipment do you train on?

As a third party provider of educational and training services, we will train companies and their staff on any equipment they have. Our philosophy is that practitioners need to be trained on the technology and should be able to use any equipment in his or her hands to its fullest potential…no matter what label is on its side.

Do I need to fly to you?

Nope! While we offer many public workshops in Atlatna, New York, California, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand we offer private workshops at your offices. If you have several technicians that need training, then one of our instructors can carry out training for your whole team. In some cases, we can even come on project sites with you and carry out data collection together! 

Do I get a certification at the end of the course?

We are NULCA Accredited and some of our courses offer a certification showing that the students have met the minimum standards written by NULCA such as our 3-Day GPR Bootcamp for Utility Locating and our 2-Day Locator Competency Training. These courses provide a “certification” to the student that proves he or she met the standards. Our non-accredited courses provide a “course completion certificate” if the student passes the final exam. 

Can you create a custom training program for my company?

Yes! If you have specialized needs or work on unique applications such as void detection, bridge deck analysis, archaeology, or environmental consulting we can construct a customized training for your group. We will help you identify the most appropriate tools for your industry and applications and formulate a high-quality educational experience for you team.