Field Support

We offer on-site and remote support for your team while they are in the field collecting critical data for your customers. Data accuracy is critical to the engineering, locate, and inspection industries. It is important that your team has a partner with experience to rely on. Our team of field tested experts can help you collect data, supervise field teams, and offer remote technical support to keep your team on task and limit project slowdowns.

We can help with:

  • Data collection strategy
  • Site feasibility assessments
  • Guidance on equipment alternatives
  • Team supervision and management
  • Team debriefing following success/failure
  • On-site learning at project sites
  • Project collaboration with complimentary methods
  • Remote technical support
  • Equipment rentals and delivery

Benefits of our Field Support Services

  • Reduce project downtime with oversight, remote technical support, and quick deployment of additional equipment
  • Complete projects in record time by expanding your team with short term supervisor and/or field technicians deployment
  • Increase profits and customer retention by easily addition services through collaboration with our experts or quick deployment of short term equipment rentals
  • Increase team effectiveness through supervision, project debriefing, and on-site training¬†

Program Implementation

  • Is your company looking to develop a geophysical, geotechnical, or associated team? Allow our experts to assist in the planning, development, implementation, and assessment of your new division.

  • Already have a program in place? We can assist your team in developing best practices and cost-saving techniques to ensure timely distribution of deliverables and products. Contact us below to begin a conversation.

Success Stories

Fort Stanwix, Rome, NY

The Fort Stanwix GPR survey was conducted in order to assist in the identification of possible structural remains for future PaloeWest excavations

Pipe Leak, Little Rock, AR

There was concern about a leaking pipe due to the reduction in water depth of a pond located at a senior living center. Benefits to the customer were, specialized expertise in data processing, rapid turn-around time, reduced cost of deliverable preparation, and higher order data analytics unattainable with their data acquisition software.