Equipment & Software

We partner with best of breed technology partners and keep our company on the pulse of emerging technology in the geophysical, geotechnical, inspection, and NDT space. We mitigate against single manufacturer risk by learning, testing, and utilizing a comprehensive set of tools and technology to make sure that our customers get a fair assessment from a third party provider.

By combining multi-vendor technology with our best practices and field testing, we can offer an unbiased experience like no other rental company. With our practical experience from years of fieldwork, we add significant value to your integrated delivery process as we configure your solution set to meet your organization’s needs, level of experience, application, and standards requirements.

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Do you offer insurance for your rentals?

Yes. Contact us for options. We want to make sure that you are protected.

Do you offer technical support while I have your rental system on-site?

Yes! We have the most comprehensive technical support available. Our systems come with an exclusive, unlimited access set of video tutorials directly produced for our rental customers. Once you rent the system, we open access and guide you to the tutorials. If the tutorials cannot answer your question, just give us a call and we will get one of our field trained experts to assist you. 

Do you sell new or used equipment?

Yes! Most of our rental fleet is for sale at significantly reduced prices from retail. We also sell a number of technology and software options new. We primarily focus on affordable, precise instrumentation to help our customers supplement their current fleet. For example, we offer EMLID GPS systems that can be used for surveying, but can easily be integrated with other geophysical equipment such as GPR for instantaneous, centimeter accuracy, of georeferenced data.

What if I need to create additional images or deliverables for my customer?

We offer software rentals with most of our geophysical equipment. However, often our customers request that we process and interpret data, and/or create visualizations, maps, CAD/GIS layers, or Google Earth files for them. This saves them time, money, and helps generate professional looking deliverables. We often can produce these products in less than 48 hours. Contact us for pricing.

Do you buy used equipment?

Yes. We are always on the lookout for lightly used equipment manufactured by high quality companies. Feel free to reach out for an evaluation and possible quote. We do not claim to buy everything that is shown to us, since we have high standards on the equipment that we will offer to our customer base. All equipment that we provide to our customers have been personally used by our professionals and are field tested. We go through a rugged testing and due diligence process before we will use and offer anything!