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Welcome to Learn GPR!

My name is Daniel Bigman, founder of Bigman Geophysical and LearnGPR.com. Although I have been conducting geophysical surveys for over 10 years, the real fun began two years ago when I decided to launch my own consulting company, Bigman Geophysical. One of the primary geophysical techniques I have employed is  ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology. Through the use of GPR, I have been fortunate to be involved in a variety of amazing and meaningful projects, and some were even featured on NPR news radio and in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Over the last two years, I have interacted with many wonderful professionals that use GPR and students that anticipate using it. These people come from various backgrounds and industries, and most expressed a desire to learn how to use GPR effectively, but they have struggled to find high-quality and accessible training opportunities. My passion for teaching combined with an understanding of the struggle they felt regarding the lack of accessible GPR education inspired me to create this online educational platform.

My mission is to help you and as many others as possible learn about this extraordinary technology so that we all can protect the world’s infrastructure and resources. My teaching background has helped me create a unique course for the beginner which is both comprehensive and understandable. I have taught in a number of colleges and universities and have incorporated GPR training for local students. Now I want to share my experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for this technology with the world. You will get a lot of value from our courses and training programs and I look forward to a fantastic journey with you.


Daniel Bigman, PhD


“My mission is to help you and as many others as possible learn about this extraordinary technology so that we all will be able to protect the world’s infrastructure and resources.” [/two_thirds_last]