Rapid Multi-channel GPR Utility Locate

Clients needed testing on an effective tool for rapidly locating, visualizing, utilities and other subsurface infrastructure, and creating professional deliverables

  • Date: March, 2020
  • Project Type: Data acquisition and visual display

About this Project

Bigman Geophysical tested the collection speed, GPS integration, and data quality of the Stream C multi-channel GPR system manufactured by IDS GeoRadar.  The Stream C contains an array of 34 cross-polarized, 600 MHz antennas which provide high-resolution data and allow for quick data collection.  Additionally, the Stream C was integrated with an Emlid RS2 RTK GPS base and rover for accurate data plotting. 

The trial was conducted within the roadway of a residential area, targeting utilities and other infrastructure features.  The Stream C was pushed along the road surface, utilizing the powered front wheel. An area of nearly 7,000 sq feet of roadway was surveyed in under 20 minutes.  Utilities, manhole covers, drains, and even cracks in the surface of the asphalt were all recorded in the GPR data.  GPS integration allowed quick and easy plotting of the data and resulting interpretations.  This trial of the Stream C indicated the system is perfectly suited for rapid, high quality data collection especially for utility or roadway investigation.