Void Detection and Visualization Demo in Florida

A client needed to update their visualization offerings and reached out to Bigman Geophysical for a demonstration.

  • Date: November, 2019
  • Client: Terra, Inc.
  • Project Type: Void Detection and Software Demonstration

About this Project

Bigman Geophysical was contacted by Terra, Inc. to demonstrate the capabilities of the GPRSlice software package to visualize GPR data in an informative and accessible manner. The client provided previously collected GPR data to our team in order for us to conduct a personalized demonstration. Utilizing the GPRSlice software package, our team processed and georeferenced this data creating time slice amplitude maps and fence diagrams, illustrated to the right. We then conducted a hands-on demonstration via video conferencing to illustrate the software, provide the visualizations, and answer on-demand questions.

Through this process our client was able to clearly identify the known voids and illustrate this information to their team in an efficient and easily understandable manner. The client has plans to fully implement this software package with their already established workflow to enhance their product offerings and client deliverables.

Finally, this demonstration showed the power of utilizing a suite of software packages, including GPRSlice and Google Earth, to provide quick, on-demand, accurate visualizations to clients in a fast-moving industry. It is through collaborations, such as this, that companies can improve and enhance their capabilities through partnerships with Bigman Geophysical.