Fort Stanwix Project

The Fort Stanwix GPR survey was conducted in order to assist in the identification of possible structural remains for future PaloeWest excavations. 

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Client: PaleoWest
  • Project Type: Ground Penetrating Radar

About this Project

The National Park Service was interested in expanding the location of their public use areas at the Fort Stanwix National Monument and tapped PaleoWest to coordinate the subsurface investigations to mitigate disturbance of any possible buried historic resources. Bigman Geophysical was brought in to conduct a broad ground-penetrating radar survey in order to suggest the location for possible excavations. 

After data collection and survey perimeters were finalized we mobilized to the site and within 2 days fully surveyed the location. We suggested the location of a handful of possible subsurface anomalies for future investigation.

In the end the client was able to clearly interpret and understand the results of the ground-penetrating radar survey and successfully conduct archaeological investigations to assist in the preservation of the site.