What is the best way to collect a grid for GPR investigations?

There are two basic ways to collect a grid: going in the same direction for each profile, or zigzagging your data collection. Obviously each of these has a benefit and a drawback.

1) Going in the same direction: the major benefit received from going in the same direction when collecting each profile in a grid is that the image of your buried targets is clearer. The boundaries are well defined and the interpretation of your targets location will be more accurate because the reflection events will be more consistent. The drawback is that it takes more time to collect a grid this way.

2) Zigzag collecting your profiles: The major benefit here is that it takes half the time to collect a grid, but the image quality is worse for your buried targets. Zigzag data collection generally results in a “saw-tooth” pattern for linear targets (such as the pipe in the video). This may be okay under some circumstances such as the customer is not going to see the image or you are pressed for time and the benefits of gridding out your survey will help you be more systematic. But, your image will not have very well defined boundaries and your interpreted location for your targets location will be a little bit more speculative.

Which should you choose? You should choose the strategy that fits the project goals and constraints. There is no right or wrong answer. The project should always drive the strategy and since each project circumstances vary you should ask this question for each one.

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