I was recently approached by a potential client that needed some ground penetrating radar work to help them identify some unmarked graves in a church cemetery. They had excavated out a grave shaft for an interment and saw another body in the hole. Naturally they don’t want this happening again.

After discussing the site and quoting them a price, the potential clients wanted me to change the terms in my contract because they thought that I wasn’t taking on enough liability for the gpr results. They indicated that they wanted some recourse if I completed the project but they still hit another unmarked grave in the future. Needless to say, I wouldn’t concede this point.

It is impossible to know if you have identified all potential targets, and with older burials especially, its quite possible that the grave has homogenized with the surrounding soil making it difficult to detect any contrast. GPR needs Contrast in some physical properties to reflect some energy back.

While I am a SUPERHERO, none of my powers let me alter the physics of the universe. And because of that fact, I had to turn down the project. I highly recommend you turn down projects when potential customers are unwilling to accept the limitations of GPR technology. If they want more from the technology than it can provide, there is no pathway to success.

Good luck, and stick to your guns! You are a professional. Make sure you act like one.

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