I was recently in the hospital and had to get a CAT scan. I asked the technicians to show me my images, and they denied me.

Wait, w, w, What?

I asked if they could bring it to me on an ipad. Nope.

Could they print out an image? Nope.

I didn’t understand. But, it got me thinking. I presume most people don’t ask to see their own “data”, but if a patient does ask, I believe it should be shown to him or her.

Why? Because it is his or hers!! It literally is a non-invasive subsurface (skin being surface) image of that person’s body.

I think this has parallel’s to GPR work. Some folks that I have seen are frightened to show clients data collected from the clients project site. The most frustrating is when someone wants to look over your shoulder while you collect.

Talk about putting you on the spot. But, as a GPR professional, you should be able to show that data, even in real time, and you shouldn’t be frightened that the data collected will look “ugly”.

On the contrary, you should be confident that you can explain what is going on…even if the data are poor or the GPR performance is low due to site conditions.

If a client doesn’t want to see data, great, don’t show it. But if they do, then show it to them whether its on site or in a report.

When it comes down to it…its their body, eh, I mean site. It’s their site.

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