Did you play video games when you were a kid? Maybe you still play them!

When I was growing up there were two camps: the Nintendo camp & the Sega camp. People in either camp only bought systems made by the company their camp “liked”. However, sometimes it was the only systems they knew.

Folks like this missed out on a lot of fun!

The same is true in the GPR world. I see people only buy equipment from one manufacturer. I have even seen people unwilling to go to a booth at an expo from a competitor of the manufacturer that sold him or her the unit. As if they would be betraying the company. I have heard people talk negatively about products of other manufacturers that they themselves HAVE NEVER TOUCHED!!!

This is loser behavior.

There are many good products out there and you should try different ones. You wouldn’t spend 25 Grand on a car without test driving a few options (well you should test drive). Often times GPR costs more than your car. Afterwards, if you still LOVE the equipment you have and the service of the company that sold it to you, then buy some more from them. But to be a professional you SHOULD know what is on the market. It will help you know how you compare to your competitors.

It is also acceptable to have different pieces of equipment that serve different needs or are appropriate for different levels of your technicians.

And one final thought…Tecmo Bowl on the original Nintendo is still the greatest sports game ever made.

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