In this video I discuss 2 benefits of 1-dimensional GPR data…you know…the squiggle line on the side of your console.

This line can tell you a lot about what is going on at the ground surface and below it.

First, it can show you changes in the reflection amplitudes at the ground surface. These changes can be difficult to see in 2D profiles. By seeing the variation in 1D, you might be able to identify a trench.

Second, it shows you the polarity of a reflection event. This can help the GPR practitioner characterize buried targets. For example, an intact grave and a collapsed grave will potentially have different polarities which can be identified in the SQUIGGLE!

So I encourage you to make use of the SQUIGGLE and look at your 1-dimensional data. is an online training platform for Ground Penetrating Radar that helps civil engineers, utility locators, and others learn about GPR through fun and engaging courses and coaching.

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