Here is your GPR homework assignment…

Find an article about GPR that is UNRELATED to your industry!

This has tremendous value for you as a practitioner. Even if you work in
-utility locating exclusively,
-or concrete scanning exclusively,
-or archaeology exclusively,
-or civil engineering exclusively,

reading material from other disciplines helps you learn the skills that you need to compete at the highest level in your discipline.

For example, if you are in concrete scanning, then reading about how GPR is used in forestry to image roots can help you locate rebar. Or, if you are in utility locating, then reading forensic investigations that record soil differences to locate graves can help you locate pipe trenches when your pipe is too deep for your ground penetrating radar to “see”.

Be the best practitioner you can. Be a professional!

Leave a comment below about what topic you will read about that you are unfamiliar with. is an online training platform for Ground Penetrating Radar that helps civil engineers, utility locators, and others learn about GPR through fun and engaging courses and coaching.

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